About Bruce Mims

Bruce Mims

The educational career of Bruce Mims persistence and determination and resilience, while persisting to the mantra, "chance favors the prepared mind". Although he was accepted into UC Berkeley as an incoming freshman in 1983 family constraints prevented him from attending UC Berkeley as a freshman. Indeed while most of his high school classmates when on to various colleges and universities immediately after high school graduation, he was faced with the disappointment of his future college prospects being relegated to the local community college.

Regardless of the setback, Bruce Mims set his sights on making the most of the opportunity and embarked on a course of study at Pasadena City College that resulted in him attaining his Associate in Arts Degree, with honors, in June of 1985; and,once again gaining admission to UC Berkeley. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from UC Berkeley in 1987.

Amidst his endeavor to pursue a career in the United States Navy, Bruce experienced a health setback during specialized training that abruptly ended his military career. This particular setback would alter the course of his life in many ways. The particular events were extremely devastating; nevertheless, with time and resilience he was able to pick himself up and resume his professional endeavors.

After brief stints in commercial and retail banking, he decided to pursue his passion for fitness, and started a business as a personal trainer. The personal training venture was a successful and rewarding full time enterprise that he expanded and maintained for nearly 3 years. Interestingly, it was the advice of one of his clients, about a full scholarship program he might be eligible for, that led him to return to graduate school to pursue his Master of Education Degree at the University of San Diego; and, pursue a teaching career in public education. He graduated in 2002, with highest honors--interestingly receiving his degree almost 15 years to the day he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from UC Berkeley.

After a successful 9-year tenure teaching high-risk youth in the San Diego County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools, he decided to embark upon a career in leadership, which also found him back in graduate school; to pursue his doctorate at the University of Southern California.

His endeavor at USC was marred by many obstacles and challenges. Nevertheless, his determination and focus were the driving forces that motivated him to reach his ultimate goal of completing his degree. His odyssey included commuting long distance to care for his parent who underwent cancer treatment twice, several job changes to advance his career, being the sole monetary provider for his family, and an abrupt substitution of his dissertation chairman--3 weeks before graduation. Despite the obstacles, he attained his Doctor of Education Degree in 2007; and, interestingly, was awarded his Doctorate exactly 20 years after receiving his Bachelor's Degree (1987).

Indeed, his educational journey has been a road less traveled. Nevertheless, Bruce Mims looks back on his journey with a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that he endured--through good times and bad times. It is this attribute that still fuels the fire within; and, once again motivates him to be resilient in the face of tribulation and setback.